Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Ludwig



Academic Career and Research Areas

Professor Ludwig’s research is focused on architectural concepts in which plants play a central role. Integrating plants – both functionally and creatively – into construction designs not only provides answers to some of today’s most pressing ecological issues, such as the adaptation to climate change. It also presents a methodological challenge, encouraging exploration into ways of dealing with aspects of growth and decay, chance and probability in architecture and landscape design.

Ferdinand Ludwig studied architecture and completed his doctorate studies at the University of Stuttgart with a dissertation entitled "The Botanical Fundamentals of Baubotanik and their Application in Design". In 2007, he founded the research group “Baubotanik” at the University of Stuttgart’s Institute of Architectural Theory and Design (IGMA), and he headed this group as a research associate until 2017. Professor Ludwig applies the botanical-constructive approach to architecture, urban planning and landscape design in the office collaboration “ludwig.schönle: Baubotanik – Architecture – Urbanism”, which he founded with Daniel Schönle in 2010.


  • Prize for bold science, Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of the State of Baden-Württemberg (2016)
  • Prize for exceptional scientific achievements, University of Stuttgart (2013)
  • Named a “Maker of Tomorrow” by the Minister of the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector Baden-Württemberg (2012)

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