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Prof. Matthes (b. 1963) focuses his research on business information systems and software engineering. He explores enterprise architecture management, model-driven web application development and social software architectures. As Head of the Software Architecture working group of Gesellschaft für Informatik, a member of the advisory board of the Ernst Denert foundation for software engineering and the organizer of several international conferences, Prof. Matthes helps to foster cooperation between practitioners and scientists in computer science and information management.

His academic career started at J.W. Goethe University in Frankfurt (graduated 1988). He did his doctorate at the University of Hamburg in 1992. He worked as a researcher at Digital Equipment Systems’ research center in Palo Alto (1992-93) and served as professor at TU Hamburg-Harburg from 1997 to 2002. Until 2010, he was Dean of Studies at the Faculty of Computer Science and a member of the teaching board of TUM. He is co-founder and supervisory board chairman of CoreMedia AG (1996) and infoAsset AG (1999), a company that now boasts over 180 employees.


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