Prof. Dr. Jean Charles Munch


Soil Ecology
Professor emeritus since April 1, 2015

Academic Career and Research Areas

Prof. Munch’s (b. 1949) research area in soil ecology is functional microbial diversity in soil. The extremely complex and multifaceted communities present in soil are only being fully analyzed now thanks to developments in genomics, metabolomics and proteomics. The aim of his research is to gain an understanding of how to control and make increased use of selected microbial functions.

Prof. Munch studied biology, chemistry and geology at the University of Strasbourg for his intermediate diploma and agrobiology at Stuttgart-Hohenheim University (diploma). He did his doctorate at the University of Hohenheim in 1980 and his lecturer qualification in soil science in 1990. Not long after that, he also qualified in the subject of biology at TU Braunschweig. In 1991, he became Head of the Institute of Soil Biology at the Federal Agricultural Research Center (FAL) in Braunschweig and a member of the lecturing staff at TU Braunschweig. Since 1996, he has held the position of full professor at the Chair of Soil Ecology at TUM. He is also Director of the Institute of Soil Ecology at Helmholtz Zentrum München.


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