Prof. Dr. Claudia Nerdel

Academic Career and Research Areas

The research area of Prof. Nerdel (*1971) comprises interdisciplinary science didactics with a focus on biology didactics. Her research focuses on teaching and learning with digital media as well as digital transformation in the context of biology as a subject and related STEM disciplines; this includes in particular the application of artificial intelligence in schools and universities. Further focal points are teacher education and training on subject-related and didactic innovations and their implementation in the classroom as well as the cooperation of teachers and scientific staff in professional learning communities. The investigation of professional competencies of (prospective) teachers in dealing with technical language and representations in science education as well as student research and cooperative networks with schools complete the research profile.

Prof. Nerdel studied biology, chemistry and mathematics in Kiel and received her PhD in biology didactics from the IPN in 2003. From 2000 to 2004, she worked as a research assistant in biology didactics at the IPN and took over a junior professorship in chemistry didactics at the same institute in 2004. In 2008, Prof. Nerdel took over the professorship of didactics of biology at the University of Leipzig and in 2009 she accepted the call to the newly established W2 professorship of didactics of life sciences at the TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology, Department of Educational Sciences (formerly TUM School of Education).


  • Appointment as Senior Fellow in the Kolleg Didaktik:digital by the Joachim Herz Foundation (2021).
  • Sabbatical within the framework of “TUM: Agenda Lehre“ (a program aimed at enhancing the quality of degree courses and raising tuition standards) to work on the development of innovative learning resources and exercises for self-study within didactics of science (2013)