Prof. Dr. Christine M. Papadakis


Soft Matter Physics



Academic Career and Research Areas

Prof. Papadakis (b. 1967) conducts research on experimental soft matter physics, with particular emphasis on polymers. Her research uses scattering methods with light, X-rays and neutrons to investigate polymers of complex architecture, responsive polymers, block copolymers and polymers for drug delivery. She conducts time-resolved scattering experiments during rapid changes of the environment to characterize the switching mechanisms. Neutron spectroscopy elucidates the underlying interactions with the solvent.

After studying physics at the Universities of Mainz and Grenoble, she completed her doctorate in 1996 at the University of Roskilde, Denmark. Following a postdoctoral stay (1996-98) at Risø National Laboratory, Roskilde, Denmark, Prof. Papadakis earned her postdoctoral teaching qualification at the University of Leipzig (1998-2003). She has been a professor in the TUM Department of Physics since 2003. She has been a member of proposal committees at several large-scale facilities and, since April 2015, editor-in-chief at Colloid & Polymer Science, Springer Verlag.

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