Academic Career and Research Areas

Prof. Putz (*1981) is interested in the processes of observing, recording, and maintaining recent building heritage.

Andreas Putz studied architecture at the TU Dresden, the University of Edinburgh, and ETH Zürich. After graduating, he was employed as an architect first in Basel and later in Dresden. From 2009 onwards he was in charge of the conversion of Erich Mendelsohn’s former Schocken department store in Chemnitz. He moved to the Institute of Historic Building Research and Conservation at ETH Zürich to work as a research assistant. Here, he completed his doctoral thesis in 2015. Alongside his freelance work as a registered architect, he has worked as a research associate at IRS, Erkner/Berlin, and as a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture (gta), ETH Zürich. Andreas Putz was appointed Tenure Track Assistant Professor for Recent Building Heritage Conservation at the Technical University of Munich in 2017.

He is a member of the board of the Arbeitskreis Theorie und Lehre der Denkmalpflege (AKTLD), member of the Koldewey-Gesellschaft and the German National Committee of ICOMOS, and, among others, in the ICOMOS Monitoring Group for the UNESCO World Heritage Site The Bauhaus and its Sites in Weimar, Dessau and Bernau. Since 2022, Putz has been a member of the international scientific advisory board of the Leibniz Research Network "Value of the Past".


  • ERC Starting Grant (2022)
  • Theodor-Fischer-Award (2016)

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