Prof. Dr. Bernd Reif


Solid-State NMR

Academic Career and Research Areas

Prof. Reif’s (b. 1968) group examines the structure of membrane proteins and amyloid fibrils using MAS (magic angle spinning) solid-state NMR spectroscopy. Research is focused on aggregates of the Alzheimer’s beta amyloid peptide. NMR experiments help to determine the binding site of small molecules. This work is highly significant in terms of diagnosis and treatment. Methodical new approaches are developed to gather information on the structure and dynamics of uniform isotope-labeled proteins in the solid phase.

After studying physics and biochemistry at the University of Bayreuth, Prof. Reif obtained his doctorate at the Institute of Organic Chemistry at the University of Frankfurt/Main (1998). Prior to accepting his current position at TUM, he was professor of solid-state NMR at the Charité university hospital and the Leibniz Institute for Molecular Pharmacology (FMP) in Berlin between 2004 and 2010.


  • Günter Laukien Prize for the development of novel methods for MAS solid-state NMR spectroscopy, awarded at the ENC in Asilomar, California, USA (2017)
  • Emmy-Noether-Nachwuchs-Gruppenleiterstipendium der DFG (2000)
  • Stipendium der Richard-Wagner Stipendienstiftung (1993)

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