Prof. Dr. Julia Schnabel



Academic Career and Research Areas

Prof Schnabel's (*1969) field of research comprises medical image computing and machine learning. Her research focuses on intelligent imaging solutions and computer aided evaluation, including complex motion modelling, image reconstruction, image quality control, image segmentation and classification, applied to multi-modal, quantitative and dynamic imaging.

Since 2021 Julia Schnabel is Professor for Computational Imaging and AI in Medicine at TUM (TUM Liesel Beckmann Distinguished Professorship), jointly with Helmholtz Center Munich (Helmholtz Distinguished Professorship). She studied at TU Berlin (1993) and did a PhD at University College London (1998), followed by Postdocs at UMC Utrecht, King's College London, and UCL. In 2007 she became first Associate Professor and in 2014 Full Professor of Engineering Science at University of Oxford, and from 2015 Chair in Computational Imaging at King's College.

Research Group.


    • TUM Liesel Beckmann Distinguished Professorship (2021)
    • Helmholtz Distinguished Professorship (2021)
    • Fellow, IEEE (2021)
    • Fellow, ELLIS (2019)
    • Fellow, MICCAI Society (2018)
    • Erwin Stephan Prize (1998)

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