Prof. Dirk Weuster-Botz

Academic Career and Research Areas

Professor Weuster-Botz (b. 1959) conducts research and education in the technical aspects of biochemical reaction applications for industrial biotechnology. His research focuses on new bioreactors and biocatalytic processes, as well as efficient utilization of microorganisms as cell factories.

After studying chemical engineering at the University of Karlsruhe, Professor Weuster-Botz received a doctorate from the Research Center in Jülich and became a professor at RWTH, the Technical University in Aachen. He became a full professor for bioprocess engineering at TUM. Professor Weuster-Botz publishes the journal "Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering", is elected member of the acatech National Academy of Science and Engineering, has published more than 150 scientific papers, is inventor of numerous patents and serves on numerous advisory boards.


  • Elected member of the acatech National Academy of Science and Engineering (2015)

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