Academic Career and Research Areas

Prof. Fastl's (*1944) field of research is basic psychoacoustics as well as audio-visual interactions with applications in audio-communicatiions, noise evaluation, sound quality design, diagnosis and rehabilitation of hearing deficits, audiotechnology as well as musical acoustics.

Prof. Fastl studied electrical engineering at the Technical University Munich (Dipl.Ing. 1970) and music at the Academy of Music Munich, majoring in double bass (1969). At the Technical University Munich follow his dissertation (Dr.-Ing. 1974), habilitation (Dr.Ing.habil. 1981),  Guest Professor at  Osaka University Japan 1987, and promotion to Professor of Technical Acoustics at the Technical University Munich 1991.


  • EAA Award for Lifetime Achievements in Acoustics 2017
  • Honorary Member German Society of Audiology (DGA) 2011
  • Helmholtz Medal German Society of Acoustics  (DEGA)  2010
  • Rayleigh Medal Institute of Acoustics (IoA, UK) 2003
  • Fellow Acoustical Society of America (ASA) 1990

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