Prof. Jens Großklags, Ph.D.


Cyber Trust

Academic Career and Research Areas

Prof. Grossklags and his team pursue an interdisciplinary research and teaching agenda in the areas of security, privacy and online trust. His research studies focus on economic, behavioral and technical aspects of security and privacy. His work further explores the societal impact and policy considerations regarding emerging technologies.

Prof. Grossklags completed his doctoral dissertation at UC Berkeley’s School of Information (2009). While at UC Berkeley, he also obtained master’s degrees in Computer Science, and Information Management and Systems. Subsequently, he was a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Center for Information Technology Policy, and a Lecturer of Computer Science at Princeton University. He then served as a faculty member at the Pennsylvania State University, where he was a Fellow of the Institute for Cyberscience, and held the Haile Family Early Career Professorship. Prof. Grossklags moved to the Technical University of Munich in 2017, where he is appointed as Professor of Cyber Trust (W3) at the Department of Informatics.


  • Invited Visiting Professorships: EPFL, IMDEA Software Institute, Copenhagen Business School, EURECOM
  • Academic Awards: USENIX Security Symposium, Distinguished Paper Award (2023); AIS International Conference on Information Systems, Nomination Best Paper Award (2023); IEEE Symposium on Electronic Crime Research, Best Paper Award (2016), Honorable Mention Award (2017); International Conference on Mobile Data Management, Best Paper Award (2003)
  • Membership Recognition: Senior Member - Association of Computing Machinery (2015); Senior Member - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (2015)
  • Scholarly Achievements: Scholar of the German National Merit Foundation - Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (1999-2002)

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