Prof. Dr. Martin Grunow

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Academic Career and Research Areas

Professor Grunow’s research applies analytics to operations planning and to designing production systems and networks. His research interests are in manufacturing and logistics with a focus on the electronics and automotive sector as well as on the process industries, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food.

Professor Grunow studied industrial engineering at TU Berlin, where he earned his PhD on the optimization of electronics assembly lines in 1999. He later conducted research at Degussa AG in Hanau, returning to TU Berlin to complete his postdoctoral teaching qualification (habilitation) in 2005. After several international appointments, he joined TU Denmark, where was head of the Operations Management Department as of 2006. In autumn 2010 he was appointed professor of production and supply chain management at TUM.

He teaches MOOCs on Quality Engineering and Lean with more than 200,000 participants from all over the world. Professor Grunow is head of the German Operation Research Society’s Supply Chain Management Section, a co-author of more than 50 publications in leading international research journals, a co-author of a textbook on Advanced Planning Systems as well as an editor of three international research journals.


  • Co-principal investigator for a research training group on “Advanced Optimization in the Networked Economy“ funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG.
  • Best paper award IISE Transactions: honourable mention (2019)
  • Innovation in teaching award TUM School of Management (2015)

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