Prof. Dr. Günter Keiz

Honorary Professor at TUM since 1974


Fish Biology


Professor Keiz studied biology and natural sciences at the University of Marburg (Philipps-Universität Marburg) from 1945 to 1952 when he received his PhD from the same university. He started his career as a teaching assistant in the field of zoo physiology at the Zoological Institute and as a guest student at the Institute of Physiology. During this time he became familiar with electrophysiology techniques in order to explore their possible application in electrofishing. Subsequently, Professor Keiz was appointed to a research position at the Bavarian Biological Laboratory. The particular focus of this research work was to examine the impact of municipal waste water on the limnology of Lake Forggensee, a large man-made reservoir on the River Lech that had recently been created. In 1954 Professor Keiz became head of the Bavarian Biological Experimental Station in Wielenbach/Bavaria (Hofer Institute). In this role he developed and conducted internship programs on fish parasites and fish diseases specifically designed for science and veterinary medicine students. Six years later he accepted an assignment to teach fish biology at Weihenstephan (1961-1989). In 1972 Professor Keiz held a guest lecture on tropical fish biology at FU Berlin (Freie Universität Berlin).


    • Lecturer in fish biology at Weihenstephan (1961-1989) Head of Fisheries at the Bavarian Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry in Munich (1961-1987)
    • Representative of the State of Bavaria at the International Lake Constance Fisheries Conference in compliance with the Agreement of Bregenz dated 5 July 1893 on the management of fishing in Lake Constance (1977-1987)
    • Manager of the Bavarian Biological Experimental Station (Hofer Institute), later known as the Department of Fish Farming at the Bavarian Biological Research Institute in Wielenbach (1954-1961)


    • Honorary coin of the Bavarian State Ministry of Agriculture for services to the fishing industry (2001)
    • Plate of honor of the Bavarian State Ministry of Agriculture for outstanding services to the fishing industry in Bavaria (1988)
    • Order of Merit on Ribbon of the Federal Republic of Germany (1988)
    • Binding Prize awarded for Nature Conservation and Environmental Protection (Vaduz / Liechtenstein) in conjunction with a gift of appreciation to the "Lake Trout" Working Group (1988)