Prof. Dr. Hugo M. Kehr



Academic Career and Research Areas

The research topics of Prof. Kehr (*1965) include the effect of goals and unconscious motives, the function of will and self-regulation, fears and their overcoming, as well as the effect of visions and leadership styles on the stimulation of motives.
Prof. Kehr first studied business administration in Munich (LMU) and Montpellier, earned his doctorate at the Institute of Psychology at LMU in 1997 and habilitated there in 2000. Hugo Kehr then went to UC Berkeley as a Humboldt Fellow. He was awarded a Heisenberg fellowship (2002), received calls to Fribourg/Switzerland as well as to the IESE in Barcelona (2003), and held the chair at Macquarie University, Sydney (2004-2006). Since 2006, he has headed the Department of Psychology at the Technical University of Munich. Prof. Kehr has published four monographs and numerous articles on his work in renowned German and international journals. Since 2008, he has been hosting the Munich Symposium on Motivation (MSM) at TUM, a symposium for top international researchers. He is currently Program Director of the Master in Management at the TU Munich.


  • Visiting Fellow of Macquarie University, Sydney (2018)
  • Visiting Fellow of the University of Hawaii, Manoa (HI) (2014)
  • Visiting Fellow of the University of New South Wales, Sydney (2009)
  • Highly Commended Award by EmeraldLiteratiNetwork (2008)
  • Nomination for the Newman Award of the Academy of Management (2003)

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