Prof. Dr. Stephan Krusche


Software Engineering

Academic Career and Research Areas

Stephan Krusche (*1986) inspires students in computer science. He conducts research at the intersection of educational technologies, software engineering, and human computer interaction, and explores robotics and machine learning. Prof. Krusche developed the open-source learning and research platform Artemis, which is used in many courses at TUM to enhance the learning experience. With the help of automation and artificial intelligence, it reduces the workload for lecturers and creates free space for personal interactions.

In his dissertation, Prof. Krusche developed the process model Rugby, which improves quality in software development and teaching. In his habilitation he established the teaching methodology Interactive Learning, which is applied at several European universities. He holds the professorship for Software Engineering in Heilbronn, leads a research group in Garching and is involved in the EdTech Center. He organizes international summer schools, interactive lectures with 2,000 students and project courses with industry partners.


  • Best practitioner report award at the 13th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference (2023)
  • Ernst Otto Fischer Teaching Award (2021)
  • Ars Legendi Prize for excellence in university teaching (2020)
  • Special award for outstanding commitment for teaching during a pandemic (2020)
  • TeachInfAward for exceptional education (2019)

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