Prof. Dr. Holger Magel


Land Management and Land Tenure
Professor emeritus since April 1, 2012

Academic Career and Research Areas

The research activities of Prof. Magel (b. 1944) center on theories, methods and processes for forward-looking village renewal and participatory landscape planning. He also examines conflict-resolving land management in public infrastructure schemes (hydraulic engineering and road construction, residential planning, nature and water conservation, etc.). He is especially interested in analyzing land management and land administration in an international context. He set up the international postgraduate masters program “Land Management and Land Tenure in Urban and Rural Areas for Professionals” to examine this and other topics.

Prior to his appointment as full professor at TUM (1998), Prof. Magel served as Head of Department and Director General of the Bavarian Administration for Rural Development in the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry. One of his achievements during this time was the creation of the Bavarian Village Renewal Program as well as a holistically oriented landscape planning in land consolidation.. From 1986, he also lectured at TUM and was appointed honorary professor in 1993. 


  • Bavarian State Medal for special services to the environment (2021)
  • Federal Cross of Merit 1st Class (2013)
  • Commander of Royal Order of SOWATHARA, Kingdom of Cambodia (2010)
  • Helmert Commemorative Coin of the German Association for Surveying (2009)
  • Bavarian Order of Merit (2007)

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