Prof. Dr. Johann Peter Plank


Construction Chemistry
Professor emeritus since October 1, 2020



Academic Career and Research Areas

Prof. Plank (b. 1952) works in the field of inorganic (cement chemistry, silicates, aluminates, phosphate, CaSO4 phases) and organic binding agents (latex dispersions, epoxy resins, polyurethane). He also studies construction chemical admixtures (polycondensate resins, polycarboxylate, cellulose ethers, siloxanes, biopolymers), colloid chemistry, interface and surface phenomena and nanochemistry (nanomaterials and composite materials).

After studying chemistry in Regensburg, he did his doctorate in 1980 under Prof. Herrmann. He initially worked as a construction chemistry research group leader at SKW in Trostberg from 1980-86. In 1997, he became head of research in construction and oil field polymers. This work took him to the USA, Singapore and Japan. In 2001, he became a full professor at TUM. Visiting professorships took him to a number of institutes, including Wuhan University of Technology, the National University of Singapore and the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Prof. Plank is chairman of the board of trustees of the Leonhard Lorenz Foundation and co-editor of the journal Cement & Concrete Research.


  • Cultural Award of the OBAG for Outstanding Dissertation (1982)
  • A. Aignesberger Award of the American Concrete Institute (2015)
  • TUM Senior Excellence Faculty (2022)
  • TUM Emeritus of Excellence (2022)
  • Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech) (2023)

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