Prof. Dr. Andrea Reichenberger


History of Technology

Academic Career and Research Areas

Prof Reichenberger's research focuses on the field of an integrated history of science, philosophy and technology. An important aim of her research is to rethink and reflect on the history of science and technology from an intersectional and gender-sensitive perspective against the backdrop of current challenges in science and society.

Prof Reichenberger is a substitute professor for the history of technology at the TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology at the Deutsches Museum for the winter semester 2023/24 and the summer semester 2024. She is currently on leave as a research group leader at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Siegen. Prior to this, she worked as a research assistant in various third-party funded projects and universities. She completed her doctorate at the University of Paderborn in Philosophy of Science and Technology in 2014.


  • Certifico Institutio de Física de Líquidos y Sistemas Biológicos (IFLYSIB) Argentina (2010)
  • Best Paper at the 32nd Annual Conference on Artificial Intelligence for joint work with Florentin Neumann and Martin Ziegler (2009)
  • Certificate Colloquium Logicum der Deutschen Vereinigung für mathematische Logik und für Grundlagen der Exakten Wissenschaften DVMLG (2006)

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Reichenberger, A. “A Case Study in Diversifying History and Philosophy of Physics: Teaching Émilie Du Châtelet’s, Luise Lange and Grete Hermann.” In: Harry, C.C., Vlahakis, G.N., eds. Exploring the Contributions of Women in the History of Philosophy, Science, and Literature, Throughout Time. Women in the History of Philosophy and Sciences, vol 20. Springer, Cham.