Prof. Dr. Hendrik Sager


Cardiovascular Inflammation

Academic Career and Research Areas

Prof. Dr. med. Hendrik Sager’s (*1977) research focusses on the inflammatory component in cardiovascular diseases. More specifically, he investigates the roles of monocytes and macrophages during 1) initiating and progression of atherosclerosis and 2) wound healing secondary to myocardial infarction. His research will aid to develop novel therapeutic approaches in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Prof. Sager studied medicine at the University of Hamburg, Germany. He started his scientific-clinical career in cardiology at the University Clinic Schleswig-Holstein, Campus Lübeck, Germany. He later joined the laboratory of Prof. Dr. Matthias Nahrendorf at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA. Since 2015 he leads an “ERC starting grant” supported research group at the German Heart Centre Munich, Germany. As a clinician scientist Prof. Sager also works as a senior/attending physician at the cardiology department, German Heart Centre Munich, Germany. In 2019 he was appointed associate professor for “cardiovascular inflammation” at the Technical University Munich (TUM).


    • Franz Maximilian Groedel Research Award of the German Society of Cardiology (2021)
    • Key project of the Else Kröner-Fresenius Foundation (2020)
    • European Research Council Starting Grant (2018)
    • Publication award from the German Cardiac Society (2017)
    • Uta und Jürgen Breunig Research Award from the German Heart Foundation (2016)

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