Prof. Dr. Jingui Xie


Business Analytics

Academic Career and Research Areas

Prof. Dr. Jingui Xie specializes in Business Analytics and Healthcare Management. He explores how data analytics and Queueing Models can enhance healthcare systems, especially in the context of air pollution and COVID-19. His other research includes ICU Data Analytics and Joint Estimation and Optimization, aiming to optimize healthcare systems through data-driven models.

Prof. Xie is a core member of the Munich Data Science Institute and a W3 professor at the Technical University of Munich since 2020. He held previous posts at Brunel University London and was a Visiting Researcher at Cambridge Judge Business School. With a Ph.D. from Tsinghua University, Prof. Xie has a notable record of visiting professorships across global institutions.


  • First prize winner POMS-HK Student Paper Competition (2018)
  • First prize winner ORSC-BOM Best Paper Competition (2017)
  • Junior Teaching Award, USTC (2016)
  • Outstanding dissertation award, Tsinghua University (2010)

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