Prof. Dr. Michael Zavrel


Bioprocess Engineering

Academic Career and Research Areas

Professor Zavrel's focus is the development of sustainable bioprocesses. Biogenic raw materials are processed that do not compete with their use as food. Examples include agricultural residues and waste streams. The products obtained are bio-based and biodegradable. To achieve this, Professor Zavrel conducts research in the areas of fermentation, downstream processing and process design.

Professor Zavrel (*1980) studied Chemical Engineering at TUM with a semester abroad at the University of California in Santa Barbara, USA. After completing his diploma thesis at Roche Diagnostics, he did his doctorate at the Chair of Biochemical Engineering at RWTH Aachen University. From 2008 to 2022 he worked in industrial research and development at Süd-Chemie and Clariant, including as Head of Development & Biomanufacturing and as Site Manager. In 2022, Prof. Zavrel was appointed to the professorship for bioprocess engineering at the TUM.


  • Borchers Badge from RWTH Aachen University (2010)
  • Jürgen Manchot Award from TUM (2006)
  • Participation at the 18th Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau (2006)

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