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Academic Career and Research Areas

PD Dr. Gregor Koblmüller (b. 1974) studied Technical Physics at the Technical University of Vienna where he also obtained his Doctorate degree in Experimental Solid State Physics in 2005. He then conducted research as a postdoctoral fellow on high-efficiency nitride semiconductors at the Materials Department at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). Since 2009 he heads the “Semiconductor Quantum Nanomaterials” Group at the Walter Schottky Institut and Physics Department at TUM, where he obtained his habilitation in 2017.


PD Dr. Gregor Koblmüller explores innovative semiconductor nano- and quantum systems, with potential applications in nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, quantum technologies and energy conversion. His research interfaces solid-state physics, materials science and electrical engineering, and aims to establish fundamental understanding between device functionality of complex nano- and quantum-devices and the distinct properties of their underlying synthesized quantum heterostructures. Together with his group he currently develops quantum nanowire based photonic integrated circuits as a novel platform for future on-chip optical interconnects and quantum communication.


    • ERC Consolidator Grant (2017)
    • Arnold Sommerfeld Prize – Bavarian Academy of Sciences & Humanities (2015)
    • International Young Investigator MBE Award (2010)
    • Marie Curie Integration Fellowship Award (2009)
    • IUPAP Young Author Best Paper Award (2006)

    Key Publications (all publications)

    B. Sun, G. Haunschild, C. Polanco, J. (Zi-Jian) Ju, L. Lindsay, G. Koblmüller, Y.-K. Koh: „Dislocation-induced thermal transport anisotropy in single-crystal group-III nitride films”. Nature Materials 2018; doi:10.1038/s41563-018-0250-y 


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    S. Morkötter, N. Jeon, D. Rudolph, B. Loitsch, D. Spirkoska, E. Hoffmann, M. Döblinger, S. Matich, J. J. Finley, L. J. Lauhon, G. Abstreiter, G. Koblmüller: „Demonstration of confined electron gas and steep-slope behavior in delta-doped GaAs-AlGaAs core-shell nanowire transistors“. Nano Letters 2015; 15, 3295 


    B. Loitsch, D. Rudolph, S. Morkötter, M. Döblinger, G. Grimaldi, L. Hanschke, S. Matich, E. Parzinger, U. Wurstbauer, G. Abstreiter, J. J. Finley, G. Koblmüller: “Tunable quantum confinement in ultrathin, optically active semiconductor nanowires via reverse-reaction growth”. Advanced Materials 2015; 27, 2195 


    G. Koblmüller, S. Fernandez-Garrido, E. Calleja, J. S. Speck: „In situ investigation of growth modes during plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy of (0001)GaN”. Applied Physics Letters 2007; 91, 161904