Academic Career and Research Areas

The research of Dr. Christoph Meier focuses on the modeling and simulation of additive manufacturing (AM) processes. In particular, the unprecedented potential of metal laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) has not been fully exploited at presence since the underlying multi-scale physics are not sufficiently understood. The ERC Starting Grant project ExcelAM aims at the digital discovery of new high-throughput process regimes in LPBF, to increase build rates by at least one order of magnitude. For this purpose, novel computational models are developed and employed, unifying innovative aspects of high-fidelity multi-physics modeling, data-based approaches and high performance computing. Based on these cutting-edge tools, ExcelAM aims to push the limits of LPBF from pure high value applications towards mass production.
Dr. Meier studied Mechanical Engineering at TUM, where he later also received his PhD, focusing on novel finite-element approaches for the simulation of complex mechanical systems based on highly slender fiber or rod-like components and their interactions. From 2016 to 2018 he stayed as postdoc at the Mechanosynthesis Group at MIT, where he developed novel modeling and simulation approaches for additive manufacturing processes. Since 2018, Christoph Meier is lecturer, deputy head of institute and leader of the Additive Manufacturing Simulation Group at the Institute for Computational Mechanics at TUM.


• ERC Starting Grant (2023)

• Rudolf Schmidt-Burkhardt Memorial Prize of TUM (2017)

• Dr.-Klaus-Körper Prize for the Best PhD Thesis of 2016 in the Fields of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (2017)

• GAMM Juniors Fellowship of the International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (2017)

• Teaching Award of the Bavarian State Government (2012)

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